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  Syllabus of Our Advanced Computer Course
  Certificate in Computer Science & Application  
Computer Fundamental
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Outlook
Bangla Typing
Windows & Office Setup
Internet Use, etc..
  Diploma in Computer Graphics Design  
Computer Fundamental
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Vedio Studio
Windows & Adobe Setup, etc..
  Diploma in Computer Heardware Engineering  
Computer Fundamental
Device Details
Computer Assembling and Dissembling
BIOS Maintained
Manage Hard Disk & Partition
Operating System Installation (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8)
Deiver Software Install & Downlode
Other Software Installation and Crack Installation
Printers and Scanners Support
Computer Troubleshooting
Personal Computer Security Management
Internet Use, etc..
  Syllabus of Our Professional Computer Course
  Professional Computer Networking  
Network Fundamental
What is LAN & Details
State Cable Connection
Cross Cable Connection
Windows & Sarver Windows Setup
Server Management
IP Addressing
Data Share
Printer Share
Remote Monitoring
How to Use VNC
Router Maintenance
Internet Share
wifi Maintenance
All Network Sollution of Syber Cafe
All Network Sollution of Office Management, etc..
  Web Design & Development  
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language.)
HTML Introduction, HTML Editors, HTML Basic, HTML Elements, HTML Attributes, HTML Headings, HTML Paragraphs, HTML Formatting, HTML Links, HTML Tables, HTML Lists, HTML Blocks, HTML Forms, HTML iframes, HTML Colors, HTML Color values, HTML Quik list, HTML Summary.

HTML 5 Introduction, HTML 5 New Elements, HTML 5 Canvas, HTML 5 Geolocation, HTML 5 Video, HTML 5 Audio, HTML 5 Input Types, HTML 5 Form Elements, HTML 5 Web Storage, HTML 5 SSE.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet.)
CSS Introduction, CSS Syntax, CSS ID & Class, CSS How to Insert, CSS Styling Backgrounds, CSS Styling Fonts & Text, CSS styling Lists & Links, CSS Styling Tables, CSS Box Model, CSS Border, CSS Outline, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Grouping, CSS Dimension, CSS Display, CSS Positioning, CSS Flloating, CSS Align, CSS Pseudo Class, CSS Images Gallery, CSS Images Opaciton, CSS Media Types, CSS Colors & Colors Values, CSS Color HEX, CSS Styling A Data Table.

JS Introduction, JS How To, JS Output, JS Comments, JS Variables, JS Date Types, JS Objects, JS Comparisons, JS Switch, JS Loop For.

Joomla & WordPress
How to make a web site to using Joomla and Wordpress

Onpage & Offpage SEO

After all a completed web site making.......etc.
  Auto CAD  
Auto CAD 2D
Auto Cad 3D, etc..

Call For Details: +880 1717958706
  Comming Soon Our Professional Computer Course 3D Max  
. .. ... Syllabus Comming Soon ... .. .
  Our Programming Course
  Comming Soon Our Programming Course Program C & C++  
. .. ... Syllabus Comming Soon ... .. .
  Our Next Target Courses are PHP & Java  

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Computer Science And Application 1
Diploma in Computer Graphics Design 1
Diploma in Computer Heardware Engenering 1
Advanced Computer Networking 1
Web Design And Development 1
Professional Auto CAD 1
Diploma in Computer Science 1
Comming Soon 3D Max & Program C, C++ 1
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Target Computers is one of the leading computer training Center
located in Chowmuhani, Noakhali and was founded on the July 1, 2011.
The primary goal of Target Computers is to develop skill manpower
in the field of computer where we deal with, MS Office Program,
Computer Graphics Design, Hardware, Networking, Webpage Design & Development,
and Auto CAD etc. Throughout our region, we produced a huge number of
technical skilled resources and above 500 students acquire course completion
Certificate in Computer Science & Application (MS Office Program)
per year from this center.
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